I had severe bilateral bronchiectasis and chronic rhinitis. I would like to mention that after few weeks of therapy with Dry-Salt Inhaler I found myself much better. I used to have horrible mornings because of bronchial deposits which gathered overnight. Himalayan Rock Salt therapy from the salt pipe took care of this problem and I can always count on it when needed.

John Simmons

Carl SwordMy asthma was too bad when I came to know about salt therapy from Himalayan rock salt inhalers and thought to give it a try. It was almost dramatic when I felt the difference instantaneously that it actually opened and released in the breath which nobody could last without. After consultation with my physician I have managed to reduce my medication considerably giving my body another benefit. The best thing is the refill option which makes the pipe real value for money.

Carl Sword

Rick SutherlandHi there in the “salt inhaler"! Thanks to the salt pipe, which I paid on Monday, and your quick delivery to me - I got the salt pipe on Tuesday, sinusitis and nose have greatly improved and can you imagine, I feel so many many times better. I have been using the pipe much more than the 15-20 minutes that is recommended as a minimum to get relief.

Rick Sutherland

Just as I had mentioned while ordering, I get to travel a lot and have to carry my salt pipe with me. The ones I got initially from a few big names were too fragile and uncomfortable in usage, or else would break while refilling. The one which you guys sent turned out to be user friendly in real sense. I could notice its light weight yet having the needed tensile strength in it. Therapeutic properties of the salt crystals stayed good enough between the two filters.

Trish Moline

Lesley MyersI never thought that finding a salt pipe with dry salt crystals would be too challenging since every other salt pipe vendor claims to have dry Himalayan rock salt crystals. Seeing molten salt in the salt pipe was depressing but I was glad to see the results of your salt crystals since they stayed in shape during my therapy period. Besides my funny little request of making the salt inhaler container in pink was granted somehow which made me too happy. Thank you!

Lesley Myers